Day 8 and 9 – Riga, Karaoke, House of the Blackheads

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On Tuesday morning we packed up the camping gear and started the long journey back to Riga. Of course, the heavens decided to open up as we were travelling to the bus station, resulting in some very soggy gear…

As everything is so cheap in Latvia, we actually decided to rent out an apartment in Riga for two days at around a tenner each per night! Was luxery compared to what we’ve been used to for the last week.

That night, we went to the Funny Fox Bar just outside our apartment. Turns out there was karaoke that night, so of course the whole group had to share our renditions of ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ to the Latvian crowd. Both went down extremely well and we even got handshakes from some of the locals!

The following day, after we’d mostly nursed off our headaches, we went for a short tour of the 13th century ‘House of the Blackheads’ building. It was an incredible building and stunning to see how well it has been restored considering most of it was destroyed during WW2.

Finally, just a few hours ago we went Electric Go Karting which was very fun.

Not sure yet what Thursday’s plan is. We’re either going to stay in Riga one more day or travel a bit further down the country. We’re hoping to get to Lithuania by Friday.

It’s worth bringing up the ‘English Plague’ currently bringing the group down one by one… Myself and Kyran are finally starting to recover, however Tom has now announced he isn’t too well and Haydn sounded pretty deathly yesterday.

Dan better watch out!

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